Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Lakshminarayana Temple ,Hosaholalu KR Pet, Karnataka

A Trikuta (Having Three Sanctum Sanctorum)  Hoysala temple tucked inside the KR Pet taluk of Karnataka,the Lakshminarayana Temple at Hosaholalu. This is one of the best places to see the late Hoysala architecture in total peace without any hustle and bustle of the crowds and tourists.The atmosphere is very peaceful and helps in studying the temple and its art.Here the Central Vimana (Tower) having greatest emphasis.Built by Hoysala Ruler Veera Someswara around 1250 AD, this is one of the temples built in the southern regions of the empire during 13th Century as there was a constant fear of invasion on the northern front of the Hoysala empire and Veera Someswara was giving more attention to the politics of Tamil Land.

The Main Deity is having Shankam (Conch) on right hand and Chakra (Discus) on the Left hand which is a rarity.The Original Venugopala idol in one of the sanctum was reported missing in 1935 and a new idol which is different to the original idol has been installed by the authorities.

Built in 13th Century, the temple can be termed as par excellence when it comes late Hoysala architecture. The only contemporary temple which can be termed to be equal in terms of beauty and excellence is Somnathpur and Haranahalli Temple in my view.

The only black spot on this Shinning Sun is the Absurd Porch added in the front during the 17th Century  which has eclipsed the original entrance and the lintel. This has also resulted in blockage to the outer prakarams. One have to climb from the side to relish.

As Always I would let the photographs speak for themselves.
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Rama in Vanavaasa ,Lakshminarayana Temple, Hosaholalu
Sri Rama Vanavasam depicted

Beautiful placed friezes

Sri Krishna Avataram

Samundra Manthan Scene - Kurma Avataram

Sri Vishnu entering the Womb of Sri Devaki

Sri Varaha Avataram

Shri Beeshma on bed of Arrows

Kalinga Nardhana with Life in River Yamuna Depicted Beautifully 

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Somnathpura Beckons Again

I visited Somnathpura Karnataka India after a long time . Again I am feeling that I should have spent more time as the art is just flowing from nook and corner.

As Always I would like the gems from this great workmanship in art by my favourite Hoysala  Architecture do all the talking !

A Village scene depicting Potter
A Village Scene.. Can see pottery making

Mahishasuramardhini Panel
Mahishasura Mardhini Panel . Notice the curves on the Buffalo's Back

Beautiful Star Shaped Vimana
One of the most beautiful Vimana one can ever see among Indian Temples

Hoysala gems from Somnathpura Karnataka
One of the most beautiful Ceiling with Flower bend design and the Designs in stone

Hoysala gems from Somnathpura Karnataka
Culmination of different architecture Styles and improvements is what Hoysala Architecture is !

Hoysala gems from Somnathpura Karnataka
Beautiful Carvings on the Outer linings of the temple with beautiful Floral Designs

Somnathpura Karnataka
Beautiful Carvings on the Horses and camels

Somnathpura Karnataka
Side by Side: An Incomplete and complete Panel of Makara .. shows the level of workmanship

Somnathpura Karnataka
Probably a scene from Srimad Bhagvatam. Notice the depiction of Aqua based Fauna

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