Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Beautiful Hoysala for Your Eyes !!!

Regular Readers of my blog would have noticed my special liking for the Hoysala Architecture. Continuing the trend,Here is my small "attempt" to make you also love these beautiful work of art  (If you aren't already in love :) ) !!!

Enjoy the Ride and Do give your Feedback :) 

Monkey Business

The Great Hoysala King Vishnuvardhan 

A Unique Portrayal of Narasimha Avatar with Boar Face (Varaha Avatar)

A Beautiful Portrayal Of Shiva 

Another Beautiful Portrayal of Shiva

The Dancing Hoysala Queen Shantala Devi

At Lord's Feet (Gajasamahara Murti)

An Angry Gajasamahara Murti (Notice the Sharp Nails)

A Calm Govardhandhari (Krishna)

A Hoysala Dancing Figure(Possibly Queen Shantala Devi)

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Vanishing Late Nayak Era Roof Paintings

I would like to share with you all a wonderful Late Nayak Era (Around 16th Cent AD) Roof Paintings at a Old Rama temple in Kuruchchi Town ,Thirupanandal Distt in Tamil Nadu India. These need immediate attention otherwise these are as good as gone.

Battle Scene from Ramayana

Hanuman and Sugriva Meeting Rama and Lakshmana

Sri Maha Vishnu

Shri Maha Vishnu with Moustache

Sri Rama

Srimathi Seetha Devi

If Anyone is interested in saving these masterpieces, Please contact:
Mr Chandra (www.conserveheritage.org/ )

MOBILE +919444441181

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Marina Bay Sands - A Collage

Beautiful Marina Bay Sands through My Viewfinder !!!

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nagaresu Kanchi - Kanchipuram from my viewfinder


Pallava King Rajasimha's Dream Project: Kanchi Kailasanatha Temple

The Sun and the Moon on the wall of of Kanchi Kailasanatha Temple 

Athi Varadar Kolam (Temple Tank)  at Varadaraja  Perumal Temple

"Pillared" Warrirors at Kalyana  Mandapam (Varadaraja Temple)

Sabre Toothed Lion (Emblem of Pallavas) at Kanchi Kailasanatha Temple 

A Contemplating Lion Rider at Kanchi Kailasanatha Temple

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