Sunday, 21 November 2010

Few Drops from the Ocean of the Hoysala Architecture ! (Soapstone Wonders)

A Picture is worth thousand words.... Therefore Let the Pictures Speak for Itself

Ugra Narasimhar at Belur

Shoo Shoo in the most Artistic Manner, Belur

Gajasamharamurti , Belur

The Royal Emblem of Hoysala Dynasty, Belur

The Bejeweled Gatekeeper... The Dwarapalaka with innumerable Ornaments at Halebeedu

Dancing Ganesha, Halebeedu
The Dance King... Nataraja

Lord Subramanya

Govardhanadhari Krisha having whole village in it at Halebeedu

Enjoyed the Droplets , To Get an out of the world experience the Real thing... Visit Belur/Halebied/Somanathpur !!!

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Anu said...

Beautiful!! I have wanted to visit these places for a long time, but it still hasnt happened :(