Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Few Wonders From Kanchi Kailasanatha Temple

Beautiful Fresco of Sri Vishnu at Kanchi Kailasantha Temple

Mesmerizing Smile in Sandstone
Beautiful Smile of Lord Shiva at Kanchi Kailasantha Temple

The Graceful Viewer
The Graceful Viewer at Kanchi Kailasantha Temple

Flying High !
Flying High at Kanchi Kailasantha Temple

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Reference: Introduction to Kanchi Kailasanatha Temple


R.Ramakrishnan said...

This is a brilliant picture of the Sri Vishnu fresco. Thanks for sharing.

Swami said...

Thank You Sir

dokka srinivasu said...

Swami sir

Excellent blog on several heritage temples of india. Sir very valuable and worthy information on your blog with beautiful and awesome photos.

Swami sir shall i use your blog's photos in my Heritage of India blog whenever i want to share any particular topic information. Sir in my Heritage of India blog i am sharing and exploring indian heritage and culture in various aspects by using images of my own collections and also other people collections with their permission.

Swami sir these are some of messages which i am sharing in my Heritage of India blog.

Swami sir i request you please explore my blog and share your valuable comments.

Swami sir did you have any indian vintage post cards, photos etc. for my collection purpose and for sharing them in my Heritage of India blog.

Swami said...

Dear Dokka,

Thanks for your comments

You can use it as long it is not commercial in nature i.e.Only for Educational Purposes and you give proper courtesy/link to my page.

Please share the link of your post whenever you are using my photographs

At present I don't have any Vintage Postcards.

Swaminathan N