Friday, 18 January 2008

My visit to an Ancient Temple - Basavanna Temple Mamulpet

This time my visit to the temple was by sheer luck

Tucked Inside the corner of the Busy Avenue Road, Right in Middle of Mamulpet (literally as it on the Middle of the Road) is the ancient temple of Basaveshwara / Basavanna. I came to know about this temple during my periodical visit to Mamulpet for buying Incense Sticks (The place is very famous for Incense Sticks)

Previously I just went past the temple without having much interest.

But after my previous visit, I read a article in The Hindu which stated the place where Kote Venkateshwara temple (Fort Area) stands there used to be a Shiva temple which was shifted to Mamulpet.

After reading this article I could make out that it was the same temple as the structure of the temple in Mamulpet is very old.

The Excerpts and link of the Article:

"Kote Venkataramanaswamy temple was built by Chikkadevaraya in 1690 and the Basaveshwara there was shifted to Mamulpet. Possibly, they forgot to shift the scenes from Girija Kalyana on the sanctorum walls along with Basaveswara. "

This time I made up my mind that I will have a visit to the Temple. But due to circumstances I had to visit the place during noon. To my disappointment the temple was closed and I gave up the thought.

I went ahead with my primary task of purchasing. After returning from the shop to my Amazement I saw that the temple door Open. I approached the main door and enquired the Security Guard there about the place.

Looking at my curiosity may be, he took me inside and showed the Idol. Later I came to know that door was opened just for few minutes for the purpose of shifting some Materials inside. I really felt lucky to have got a chance to see the Lord and thanked the Lord and Security Guard.

Description of the Temple:

What remains of the temple is just the main structure (A Hall) containing the Sanctum Sanctorum. The main beauty or the specialty of the temple is the Shivlinga is placed between the horns of the Nandi and Nandi is in the Main Sanctum Sanctorum itself. Once this temple may have been a big structure but now it stands a single structure in middle of the road (Basavanna Road after the Temple).

If you are in the vicinity of Avenue Road Area, Do try to visit this forgotten Heritage of Bangalore.

Landmark : Near NSK shetty's Incense Maker in Mammulpet ( Ask for Basvanna Temple in Mammulpet) Off Avenue Road . Near from KR Market Bus Stand

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ravi said...

i have not visited this temple when i was in Bangalore, i will visit next time when i come to Bangalore