Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Mother ! The Great.

"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother."
-- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

The thoughts I am going to share and dwell upon today are best summarized by the above quote by Abraham Lincoln.

Being far away from home for a long time, I realized the true value of my mom after shifting to Bangalore.First haunted by emptiness then by Absence of my family, especially, my mother. Her never dying love and affection, had created such a  vacuum in my life which could not be filled up by anyone else.

After a while, I began to realize the fact that we never understand and recognize the real value of our loved ones and we take their affection for granted.  Reality hits us on the face when we have to live being detached from them.

Not being with my loved ones,  I understood and realized that accessibility of many aspects in life, especially, the love and affection of our parents, are to be cherished and preserved . If we assess the importance of mother's love deeply, we will find that “Greatness of our Mothers lies in the simple fact that the pain of bearing us was not a pain at all. In fact, it brought the joy of bearing a life inside.”

We may feel burden by wearing an extra pullover in winter, but think of our mothers who irrespective of seasons and situations took utmost care and precautions for us even before we were born. For a mother, her child(ren) are the best in the world.

The famous cliché - “A face only a mother could love.” , a clear testimony to mother’s unconditional love. (the cliché used in depicting unpleasantness holds a pleasant truth within it).

We can find a number of instances in history and among us which depicts the greatness of motherhood. But I think we don’t have to look far as we can see a living example in our own lives.

After the realization, I made it a point to always express my gratitude each and every time I speak to her. I believe that this small token of gratitude is nothing and not even enough when compared to the priceless love and affection of a mother that is always there, even if you are living miles away.

As always I will like to have feedback and suggestions !!


dhwans said...

I agree with you swami......there is no one like a mother....and no one in this world can replace her love and affection..... i guess not even wife's :) :) :)....

felt great to see your blog!!!

Rahul said...

Thats true Swami...I did realized the same when I shifted to Bangalore as well, though my stay was only for 1 year but I did realized the importance of my mom.

Anonymous said...

Swami, This is universal truth.

astha... said...

Its very true Swami..I felt the same thing when i shifted to bangalore 4 years back. And time didnt change this feeling even a 1%. I m feeling the same thing after spending so much time here. Whenever i go to home my mother treat me like a princess. :) thanks for such a beautiful blog..keep writing :)

Shobha said...

Hi Swami
Very well written. You have done your mother proud. Write more often

Kajal said...

so beautifully written. I miss my mom so much..there is none other like a mom..

Swami said...

Thanks Kajal . Yes No question about it ...Mother is Mother !!!

Ganesh said...

very admirable & shows how much you luv your mom :)
Indeed it was very pleasing & genuine
Thanks Swami

Ganesh said...

very admirable & shows how much you love your mom :)
Indeed it was very pleasing & genuine..thanks Swami(ji)