Friday, 18 January 2008

My Visit to An Ancient Temple - Chokkanathan Temple , Domlur

Continuing on my curiosity and liking for exploring the hidden and forgotten heritage sites of Bangalore An article in Deccan Herald prompted me to visit a temple in Domlur .

This blog is on perhaps the oldest and ancient temple in Bangalore encompassed by congested vicinity of Domlur.

The notes in article which heightened my curiosity were :
  • The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu built by the rulers of Chola dynasty who were mainly followers of Lord Shiva
  • The Lord is known as Chokkanathan, a name attributed to Lord Shiva
  • The main idols in sanctum sanctorum are made of Saligramam, a rarity
  • Historically, it also tells the reign of the Chola dynasty

I decided to visit the temple. But there was a problem. Majority of people I knew in Bangalore didn’t seem to know about the temple. But finally after lot of enquiry I got a fair indication on the location of the temple from one of my friends in Domlur.The temple was at a high base and seemed to be renovated recently. After climbing small steps we reached the entrance. Near the entrance there was a portrait depicting the state of the temple as on 15th August 1947 (India’s Independence Day). Only a mound with entrance existed then.

The idol is small but very beautiful and the place has some thing special about it. There is also a very old Anjaneya temple near the Chokkanathan temple which is worth visiting. The head of Anjaneya is said to be at the level of Lord Chokkanathan’s feet.

The temple had suffered the ravages of time but now has been restored.
I would request all those, who are interested in cherishing and preserving our ancient heritage to visit the temple at least once

 Brief History of the Temple and Domlur:

Tombalur (the present Domlur) alias Desimaanikka Pattinam in the region of Ilaippakka Nadu (the present city of Bangalore) of the country the Thadikaipaadi (Karnataka).Renamed as Rajaraja Chola Valanaadu after Chola Conquest later renamed Rajendra Chola Valanaadu during Rajendra Chola era.

Temple was constructed by a Tamil Chettiar named Thiripuraanthakan of Talakkaadu and his wife Chettichchi Parpathi in the 10th Century.

(Reference: Epigraphia Carnativa Vol 9) 

Landmark to visit the temple : The Road Besides Steve's Gym on Airport Road (Domlur) opposite New Shanti Sagar leads to the temple.

Update: Now the temple has become famous and can be easy to locate once you reach BDA complex in Domlur



Saurabh Saxena said...

I am currently working on an album on Nandi temple, will post it soon. Meanwhile you can have a look at also at

Arun said...

Hi all,
I am from Bangalore and this temple was telecaseted on 3rd Nov Sunday in Kasturi Newz 24 channel.

I visited this temple. Now this temple has got its fame and people there can guide you easily.

The best route is to get down at DOMLUR stop keep coming back a little further and you can see a shop at the corner who does mobile recharge and a JUICE/ICE CREAM SHOP, take that road and you can easlily get the temple