Monday, 21 January 2008

Light from Many Lamps -Lillian Eichler Watson , A Gem of a book

My "tryst" with the above mentioned book started while watching a TV interview of India's former president Mr APJ Abdul Kalam , when the interviewer asked him "what did you buy from your first Salary?"

The reply was " A Second hand edition of the book LIGHT FROM MANY LAMPS - L Watson and a gift for his father" (Not to Quote)

Immediately it struck me that if a wise man like Kalam sir had brought this book from his first Salary, then it must be really good.

Next Day I went about purchasing the book from a bookshop near my place and had a glance through it.

The striking feature of this book was its nicely divided sections for different facets of life like happiness , work etc.

It is not too textual and contains inspiring quotes and short poems from many different sources.

Most of the quotes and poems have been elaborated by giving their history of origin.

I still have to go through the book completely but I think one should not read this book in a hurry but contemplate after reading each quote or poem.

One can achieve full utility from this book only when one compares and implements the goodness this book holds.

Believe me this book is one to cherish and to be kept along for all times.

It is easily available in all major bookshops. and cost around 270 Rs.

I would like to have your feedback on the book once you read it. Links :


dhwans said...

swami.....i tried to search for this book...dint find a copy.... :( :(....can u share ur copy if incase u still have it with u!!!

Parvez said...

Thank You Swami for writing about this great book.

PS: Check your first Amazon link; looks like its broken.

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Swami said...

Thank you very Much Parvez